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"Through a friend’s recommendation, I made an appointment for a massage with Sylvia.  I now go regularly to her in lieu of all other therapeutic and massage treatments.  Sylvia provides a unique healing therapy through her Comfort Touch/Rosen Method of touch.  I have come to new understanding about the connectivity between mind and body.  It is more than massage, it’s an hour of connecting the whole body.  I receive relief and insights while lying comfortably on the massage table. Sylvia applies her astute, intuitive skills to massage as a professional in a class of her own."
Tracy Hayward
The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley

"Dear Sylvia,
Thank you for the great experience and insights gained on your table.  I had no real expectations, but if I did my expectations would have been exceeded many times.
What a lovely thing it is that you do... 
Having completed my cancer rehabilitation at the Wellness Center, I look forward to staying in touch and continuing.  Everyone at Synergy has been so motivating, and made my recovery so much easier and inspiring.   
You have so much to offer, and I often think of you as my personal shaman (or is it shawoman?).  One of the things that intrigues me, and I am so grateful for, is your exuberant gratitude for being awake.
In my sessions, my experiences included journeys back and deep into my memories and subconscious providing insights and often answers to the ‘why’ questions in life.  It is like going deeper and deeper, pealing back the layers of the onion.  Sometimes the journey was a little scary, but always freeing and liberating. 
Thank you for being my navigator and riding shotgun on my journey through Karl's subconscious.  
I am so very grateful! 
Napa CA

I am so blessed to have found you and the Rosen Method bodywork. After being diagnosed with Stage 3b breast cancer three years ago and having gone through four surgeries then chemo/radiation and a year of herceptin, I just couldn't get my body moving. It was as if my "blood was sluggish". My initial visit with you was wonderful, I felt so light and alive. Now, after seeing you for almost a year, I want to let you know that I am so grateful for your helping me get this lovely feeling of being "alive" again. Thank you! I wholeheartedly recommend the Rosen Method bodywork for everyone, regardless of their physical history. It works and I love it!
Linda A Jensen
Napa CA


I was a participant in Synergy’s cancer rehabilitation program.  What a wonderful and thoughtful experience.  It was a bridge between being sick and getting back to normal.  During this time I was introduced to Sylvia Nobleman and the method of Rosen massage.   I was delighted to learn I could have multiple massages as part of my rehab experience.  After chemo, surgery and radiation my body was sore and tired.  The gentle, healing and intuitive format of the Rosen method brought relaxation and peace to me both mentally and physically.  I would leave an appointment with Sylvia feeling renewed and refreshed.  My mind would have slowed down and I would let myself just be with no immediate agenda to fill.
Barbara Nielsen  Napa CA

"My experience with Comfort Touch was wonderful.  I am always so busy with work and my 7 month old baby that I never take time to stop and relax or just breathe.  The hour I spent with Sylvia was the most soothing and relaxing I have ever experienced.  Her hands were very soft, yet very strong and she knew exactly where my tension was located.  The warmth of her touch made me really believe that she has the gift of healing.  At the end of the hour, I felt refreshed, relaxed and at peace.I can’t wait to experience it again!"
Cathy Martinod
General Manager, Synergy, A Medical Fitness Center
Queen of the Valley Medical Center


“My session with you was like a beautiful oasis in the middle of the day.”
Larry Hazen
Head Physical Therapist
Rehabilitations Services, Synergy, A Medical Fitness Center
Queen of the Valley Medical Center


"Hi, Sylvia.  I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your excellent work with me as a Rosen Method practitioner for the past seven months.  The 13 sessions we had together made an enormous difference in my life.  As you probably remember, I originally came to you for help with my frozen right shoulder.  You told me that you do not do medical massage but might be able to help me with the underlying issues that could be contributing to my pain and lack of function.  In fact, my shoulder is now almost back to normal.  More importantly, you helped me release a lot of feelings I was still holding on to about my mother's death, my daughter's problems, and my work situation.  You were gentle, sensitive, compassionate, and completely present throughout our sessions.  Your ability to accept my confusion helped me to accept it myself and to move forward.  As a result of our work together, I have retired and am embarking on a cross-country trip to visit family, heal relationships, and establish a new life in a new location.  You helped make this possible!  I will be grateful to you and the Rosen Method forever.  I also appreciate your flexibility in scheduling sessions.  I wish you many more years of successful practice.  I'll miss you. Best wishes,"
Ellen Weaver

"I am a living testament to your healing powers; the sessions you gave me in 05 took me through a very difficult period and now I am blooming once again."

"I found the Rosen Method Body Work to be an extremely relaxing and comfortable experience.  I had such relief in my body (mind and body) that I have highly recommended and referred several others.  I am looking forward to my next session and am scheduling my son with Sylvia Nobleman!
"Pamela Contos
ACSM Certified Health and Fitness Specialist
Programs Manager,
Synergy, A Medical Fitness Center 
Queen of the Valley Medical Center

"Dear Sylvia,
I am writing an overdue note of great thanks to you! My experience was really amazing— I felt almost buoyant arriving home afterwards and as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. You have such a tranquil, gracious presence and you truly impacted me. Thank You and I will be in touch to schedule an appointment for July. "
Eileen Wagstaffe

"I have often thought about the sessions you offered me and I want to thank you again for such a precious gift.  It was happening at a very difficult time in my life when I was loosing control of everything,  which I had never experienced before.  Today, I have re-discovered myself and found some peace.

"Dear Sylvia,
That session was exactly what I needed to feel empowered in my new health and choices and move forward. I felt so peaceful and calm afterwards and more familiar with the safe place inside of me. That is what I want to get from each Rosen session now so I know what that feels like and to know where "home" is. It was such a treat to work with someone who I feel inspired by.. your beautiful spirit..your laughter, and that you are always working on yourself.Thank you for seeing the space for me to move towards that peace instead of the dark."

"About our session
Sylvia I've been totally blown away with my session with you. I keep thinking about it and it just makes me smile. It has really had a huge impact on me. One thing that I have an issue with is a clinching of my jaw and my jaw is usually hurting me. It was when I saw you. It was weird because after I left it was free of pain. More often than not I've caught myself not clinching my jaw as opposed to clinching. My upper diaphragm felt larger. I have felt myself breathing more.
I almost cried once while on the table with you. It had something to do with you saying something about opening my heart or having armor around it? I do not like expressing emotions. I hate it. I'll try not to hold back though from now on. Also I don't give people hugs. I felt so full of love when I left your place. It was such a wonderful feeling. As soon as I got in my car the tears fell. I cried for several minutes. I couldn't cry and drive at the same time so I tried to just stop crying. Next time I'll just pull over.
Thanks again"

"Dear Sylvia,
A short note to say how very appreciative I am of your gentle touch and healing spirit.
I am feeling oh so much better. Thank you, Sylvia; you’re an angel.
Warm thoughts,"
Ada Press

You provide such a beautiful space for me here. I don’t just mean the beautiful surroundings.  Yes, the room is very pleasing and peaceful. I mean  the whole atmosphere  is loving, kind and nurturing. You walk your talk. Thank you.”

Many heartfelt thanks to these clients who have shared so openly about their experiences. Warmest regards, Sylvia  

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Telephone: 707 738-4054

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